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AIT Parking Permit System


For more effective traffic and parking management in the AIT campus, and as part of campus security measure, the Infrastructure Office, upon recommendation of the Campus Planning and Environment Committee, implements the new AIT Parking Permit system. Under this system, color-coded stickers will be given to vehicle owners according to their classification as follows:

AIT residents

All AIT-resident cars are given a distinctive type of sticker, the color of which differs for students and for residents of faculty and staff housing units, in order to identify their parking authorization.  The residents should park their cars at the parking nearest their residences.  Overnight parking in the academic area will not be allowed.


parking card.jpg
-  Students


Violet  -  Residents of faculty and staff housing units


AIT non-residents


All AIT non-resident cars, classified into three (students, faculty and staff and Outreach tenants and concessionaires) are given another type and color of sticker that would make it easier to check whether the car is allowed to stay overnight.


Yellow -  Students


Brown -  Faculty and staff


Red -  Outreach tenants and concessionaires


Following is the guideline for securing parking permit:


  1. Pay 20 baht to the Cashier for the sticker. 
  1. Present original receipt issued by the AIT Cashier to the security guards at the Main gate, together with a copy of employee ID, employment contract and car registry book. If student, present a copy of student ID.  

3.   Submit copy of the following official documents whichever may apply:


AIT residents

Students – student ID

Residents of faculty and staff housing units - AIT Housing Lease Agreement


AIT non-residents

      Students – student ID

      Faculty and staff – AIT employment contract

      Non-AIT employee  

Outreach tenants – employment contract

Concessionaires – concessionaire lease agreement


4.   The validity period of the parking permit will depend on the duration of the applicant’s employment contract or the lease agreement.  For students, the basis would be the expiration date of their ID card.


5.   Car Sticker is issued at the Main Gate during the AIT office hours. 


The security guards reserve the right to check AIT-sticker cars entering or leaving the campus on random basis and as necessary.