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Contract Management Office


The CONTRACT MANAGEMENT OFFICE (CMO) oversees, manages and develops AIT’s enormous physical and environmental resources. Under the office’s leadership, we work in a boundary-less, team- and outcome-oriented manner.  We direct efforts to maintain, improve or renovate the facilities, including sports and recreation facilites, in order to make the campus a conducive place to work, study and live in. We also forge initiatives and collaboration with the external partners for the further development of the Institute’s physical resources. Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality of service to the whole AIT community in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The Contract Management  office could be found at http://www.ait.ac.th/administration/contract management-office 

Administrative Building, Room 105A
Phone: 02-524-6008, 6323, 5073
Fax: 02-524-5001 |  Email:  head-cmo@ait.ac.th