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Rules & Regulations for Taxi Service in AIT
As a driver, who will regularly park my taxi in the AIT land and provide taxi service to the AIT community, I have carefully read, understood, agreed and undersigned on the following terms and conditions:
1.    Follow strictly all standard requirements for public taxi service set by the Land Transport Department, Ministry of Transportations, Thailand.
2.    Provide a taxi, which must not be too old, with valid taxi license.
3.    Maintain the taxi clean and in a good condition before any service and park it properly in the place designated by the AIT or allowed by the AIT authorized office.
4.    Keep the parking area clean and in order, and respect the AIT policy on the environment concerns and impact, and be responsible in jointly maintaining and cleaning the whole designated parking area.
5.    Making loud noise, alcohol drinking and gambling are prohibited in the designated taxi parking area.
6.    Register name on a queue and agree to take the passenger when in turn.
7.    Except when specifically requested by the passenger, never pick up the passenger out of the queue nor outside passenger.
8.    Register name with valid ID card, officially registered house address and taxi registration license with the AIT Infrastructure Office – cared of by the AIT security.
9.    AIT does not collect any fee for parking, but AIT would charge for any extra services provided by AIT to drivers or for using of other AIT facilities and these charges will be agreed upon by both AIT and drivers.
10. AIT has the right for not allowing the driver/person, who does not respect the AIT rules and regulations and/or has any criminal record, park and/or make use of this AIT taxi service.
11.  Depending on the need/demand and actual situation, AIT may, from time to time, to set the maximum number of taxis which are allowed to make use of this AIT taxi service.
12. The AIT Human Resource Office and Infrastructure Office are the AIT authorized offices which monitor and control this AIT taxi service.
13.  Drivers shall select their representative in managing their own business and represent them in any related matter with AIT. The Minutes/Agreement of a selection of the representative will be submitted to the AIT Infrastructure Office.
A Sample
the AIT Taxi Service Permit     
taxi card 001.jpg

√    Get AIT taxi service: call Ext. 6300.
√    Complain/suggest: call Ext. 6000 (Security Supervisor at the Main Gate).