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Requirements and Procedures





An applicant must apply to only one of the academic programs leading to the degree of Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master in Agribusiness Management, Executive Master and Professional Master; Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor in Agribusiness Management and Professional Doctorate. No applicant is admitted to more than one academic program at a time.

English Language Requirement

AIT is an international institute and English is the sole language of instruction. Therefore, all applicants must demonstrate an ability to write acceptable academic and technical prose in English. Applicants who do not meet the minimum AIT admissions requirements (equivalent to an IELTS Writing score of 6.0) may be be admitted with conditions. Such conditions include mandatory enrollment in English Language courses. Students who fail to attain the minimal level of proficiency will not be allowed to graduate. There are three ways to satisfy the AIT English requirements.

  • Exemption Applicants who are citizens of and have been educated in an English-speaking country (e.g., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA) are exempted. Proof of citizenship and studies must be submitted.
  • Certificate of English Medium Instruction* Applicants who have earned a degree at a university at which English is the sole medium of instruction, may submit a document signed by the university Registrar attesting to English medium instruction. Applicants who submit a certificate are requested to sit the AIT Academic Writing Test upon arrival to determine their level of proficiency on AIT scale.
NOTE: Not all test of English or English-medium schools meet AIT standards. Therefore AIT reserves the right to require any student admitted to take the AIT Academic Writing Placement test (AWPT) to validate their level of proficiency on the AIT Scale. Those who score below 6 on AIT Test will be admitted with conditions (See the conditional admission.

  • Official Test Score Submit an official test scores. The tests approved for admission and the minimum scores accepted are listed below. Test scores are valid for only two years. 
 AIT English Entry Test  (AIT-EET)  6  TOEFL - paper based
 TOEFL - computer based
 CEFR (Europe) B2  CET - 4 (China) 560

Note: Applicant applying for the Full Scholarship must submit an official English score (Writing and overall score 6) including applicants from universities with English as medium of instruction

Master's students with scores 5 and 5.5 on the AWPT (or an equivalent score) will be required to attend English writing courses until they attain an AWPT score of 6 (or officially accepted equivalent). Doctoral applicants may be conditionally admitted to AIT programs with a score as low as 5.5 and would be required to attend English writing courses until they attain an AWPT score of 6.0 (or officially accepted equivalent).

SCORE = 4.5

If your English writing score is 4.5 at the time of application, you should attend an 8-week Bridging Program at the AIT Language Center prior to enrolling for your degree program courses. Your English score will be reassessed at the end of the Bridging Program (for cost and dates see  http://www.languages.ait.asia/bridging-program). You may choose to study English elsewhere, but you must have an entry score of at least 5.0 upon admission.

SCORE = 5.0


If your English writing score is 5.0 at the time of admission, you are required to follow the conditions during your study period until your score improves to 5.5 or higher: (1) You must attend the course EL15-Intermediate English Composition for 3 hours each week. (2) You will be allowed to register for a maximum of 12 credits per semester. (3) Pay 3,000 baht per semester as English course fee.

SCORE = 5.5 

If your English writing score is 5.5, at the time of admission, you are required to follow the conditions during your study period until you attain a score of 6. (1) You are required to attend the course EL19-AIT Academic and Technical Writing. (2) Pay 3,000 baht per semester as English course fee.

  Note: To be admitted without enrollment restrictions and mandatory EL course registration, you must improve your writing score before the January and August semester. To do that, you may register for an 8-week Language Center course running 1 November – 23 December 2016 for January 2017 semester, or 6 June – 29 July 2017 for the August 2017 semester (for cost and details see  http://www.languages.ait.asia/bridging-program).    

  All students must score 6.0 or higher on the AWPT (Officially accepted  equivalent) before they can enroll for thesis/dissertation credit, or graduate from AIT (some programs that do not offer degrees may be excluded from this requirement).

 AIT English Language Testing:

The AIT Language Center conducts two types of tests: the AIT English Entry Test (AIT EET) for applicants to AIT, and the AIT Writing Placement Test (AWPT) for enrolled students to update and validate their English writing proficiency scores.
  •   For information on the AIT-EET kindly click http://www.languages.ait.asia/
  • Interested test-takers can call +662-524-6623 or send an email to lctesting@ait.ac.th

Detailed Eligibility Requirements for each Program

Doctoral Degree Program

To be eligible for admission to the regular Doctoral degree program, an applicant must:

  • have strong academic records (both undergraduate and graduate) and normally hold a four-year bachelor's degree, and a Master's degree, preferably with a combination of course and thesis work, from an institution of good standing, acceptable to AIT. The minimum GPA requirement for admission to the doctoral program is 3.50 or equivalent at the master's degree level.
  • submit a brief outline of dissertation research proposal including the required research facilities, if necessary.
  • receive a written confirmation that a faculty member at AIT is available and willing to supervise.
For the professional Doctoral degree program, in addition to the above-mentioned eligibility requirements, an applicant must:
  • have at least 5 years of work experience in areas related to the field of study/program at AIT and
  • be at a level of senior professional/manager/administrator in organization/companies.

Certificate of Advanced Studies Program

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Program offered by AIT has the alternative objectives of qualifying for admission to the doctoral program for applicants with minimum CGPA at the master's degree level of less than 3.50 or equivalent; or undertaking advanced studies combined with research. Other admission requirements are similar to those for the Doctoral Degree Program. Full-time CAS students completing the minimum course credit requirement and attaining a CGPA of at least 3.50 at the end of the second semester are eligible for transfer to the doctoral degree program. Students who are not eligible for transfer to the doctoral degree program are awarded with the Certificate of Advanced Studies. For applicants to the professional Doctoral degree program, initially admitted to the CAS Program, the same eligibility requirements for admission as mentioned in the Doctoral degree program apply.

Master's Degree Program

To be eligible for admission to the regular master's program, an applicant must:

  • hold a Bachelor degree (normally from a four-year program), or its equivalent, in an appropriate field of study from an institution of good standing acceptable to AIT.
  • have undergraduate grades significantly above average; the minimum GPA requirement for admission to the master's program is 2.75 or equivalent at the Bachelor degree level.
  • be in satisfactory physical and mental health, and have a record of good conduct.
For the professional Master's degree program, in addition to the above-mentioned eligibility requirements, an applicant must:
  • have at least 3 years of work experience in areas related to the field of study/program at AIT and
  • be executives in organizations/companies.
Diploma Program

The eligibility requirements for the Diploma program are the same as those entering the master's degree program. Candidates with only average undergraduate grades may be admitted to the Diploma Program if they have at least two years of professional experience after completing their Bachelor's degree.

Certificate Program

Certificate students need to satisfy the eligibility requirements similar to those entering the master's degree program and have the appropriate background to take selected courses. In exceptional cases, candidates who lack formal academic qualifications but who have extensive and appropriate professional experience may be considered for admission; the discretion in such cases rests with the School Deans.

Special Program

Candidates coming to AIT for programs or courses of at least one semester are considered as Special students. Candidates under non-degree academic exchange agreements between AIT and their home universities are also enrolled at AIT as Special students.

Fellows of AIT

Individuals whose qualifications are considered acceptable and who have requested to be attached to the Institute to do research are considered for an appointment as `Fellows of AIT'. A Fellow of AIT has the privilege to use Institute research facilities, the library and recreational facilities and may audit courses with the permission of the instructor. To apply, candidates must submit to the relevant School an AIT Application (Form 1), a copy of CV and a research study plan. Fellows of AIT are endorsed by the relevant School Deans and are formally invited to the Institute by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  • A candidate, who has completed a doctoral degree from an institution recognized by AIT, is offered admission as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.
  • A candidate whose qualifications are equivalent to an AIT master's degree student is considered for admission as a Research Fellow

Bridging Program

The Pre-Master's Bridging Program provides an opportunity for AIT candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds to orient and prepare themselves in English and in key subject areas essential for their graduate study at AIT.

The Bridging Program enables students to:
(a) strengthen their academic abilities for an AIT degree program;
(b) develop their potential to plan and carry out academic work on the bases of their own defined interests and meanings;
(c) develop their confidence and skills to undertake self-directed learning; and
(d) become more effective communicators in English.

The intensive Bridging Program normally offers 16 weeks of collaboration and interaction in English around pieces of investigative research by students. The content of each program is shaped by the interests and needs of individual students, and their particular fields of study at AIT. Regular individual and small group tutorial sessions are arranged for students to improve their abilities in key subject areas of computer skills, economics, mathematics and statistics.

The Language Center coordinates the conduct of Bridging Programs. Resource persons with expertise in various key subject areas work with students in a tutorial mode. Faculty members also contribute significantly to the students' work. Degree, Diploma and Certificate program students may enroll in the Bridging program in the semester preceding entry to the master’s or doctoral program.

Master Degree students normally study for 24 months - this includes four semesters, two short breaks and one long break between semesters. Doctoral students normally study for six semesters or three years. The diploma programs are at least two semesters-long and the certificate program is one semester-long.


Applicants may apply online or download the application forms from the AIT website.

  1. To apply for admission, applicants must complete and submit the following documents:
    • Acknowledgment cards A & B
    • Admission Action Form
    • A completed AIT Application for Admission (Form 1)
    • Two letters of recommendation from named referees (Form 2)
    • Application for AIT Financial Aid (Form 3) only if applying for AIT financial aid
    • Official attested Transcript(s) (Form 4)
    • Copy of degree Certificate(s) in English
    • Evidence of Proficiency in English
    • Research Proposal (for doctoral program applicants only)
    • Application Processing Fee
      - US$20 or Baht 800 (Application Forms downloaded from the web) OR
      - US$25 or Baht 1,000 (Application Forms received by post from AIT)  
  2. Application Processing Fee
    A nonrefundable application processing fee of US$20 (or Baht 800) for forms downloaded from the web or of US$25 (or Baht 1,000) for forms received by post, is required to process an application. The application fee may be paid by bank draft, valid credit card or cash and should be made payable to the "Asian Institute of Technology". For Frequently-Asked-Questions on application, please visit  FAQ.
  3. Applications for admission must be received by the normal closing date. If study seats are still available, late applications may be considered. 
  4. Applicants are requested to apply to the School of their choice and indicate, in order of preference, two fields of study. Each application will be processed according to the first field of study chosen. AIT, subject to its resources and the applicant's qualifications, will endeavor to provide a program of study appropriate with the applicant’s needs and qualifications. 
  5. The Admissions and Scholarships Unit acknowledges all complete application by email. If an email address is not provided, applicants are acknowledged by mail through post.

The administration of admission is handled by the Admissions and Scholarships Unit. Warnings received regarding spurious records being submitted by candidates seeking admission have led to the practice by AIT of requesting confirmation from the academic institution(s) where the applicant received his/her degree(s) and/or when copies of transcripts/degree certificates have neither been attested nor mailed directly by the institution to AIT. After the closing date, complete applications, which must include an official attested academic transcript, are sent to the Schools for assessment. Once submitted, application materials are not released and cannot be returned to the applicant.

While most students are admitted in August, certain fields of study admit students in January (see the Admissions Calendar). Doctoral students may enter either in January or August.

  1. Deadlines
    Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all required documents are submitted by the appropriate deadlines. Incomplete application may cause delays in processing. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or a holiday will default to the next working day. Applications for AIT financial assistance received after the admission deadline will be processed for the next intake.
  2. Notification of Application Receipt and Status
    Applicants are notified of the receipt of their application and status by email. The email address must be provided in #2 of the application form (Form 1). If an email address is not provided, the applicant is notified by mail through post.
  3. Interviews
    • Applicants for admission from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam are normally interviewed by AIT Faculty members. Whenever possible, interviews for applicants from other countries are also arranged by the respective School(s).
    • Candidates who were pre-selected for possible admission are interviewed on a date and venue agreed upon by the School(s) concerned.
    • The interview includes a written test prepared by the School as well as English language test (or using Institutional TOEFL).
    • The applications of candidates from countries where no interviews are scheduled are forwarded to the Schools within two weeks of the closing date of receiving applications.
  4. Selection and Decision on Admission
    • Normally, at least 16 weeks before enrollment, all applications, including those of interviewed candidates, are forwarded to the Schools for final selection. The selection results are reported to the Admissions and Scholarships Unit about 14 weeks before entry, via the AIT Admission Action Form. The decisions on and approval of offers of admission are made by the Schools.
    • Applicants who require early offer of admission as a basis for seeking financial sponsorship from external non-AIT sources must indicate this when applying. In exceptional cases, an offer of admission without AIT financial assistance may be made immediately, but many decisions are deferred until interview results are available.
    • Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications for admission are rejected. However, those applicants who need further English training and/or additional experiences are advised to reapply as soon as they gain additional merits.
    • For applicants who applied for AIT Financial Assistance, the offers of admission with AIT scholarship are issued based on a competitive ranking of qualified candidates selected by the Schools on the basis of academic qualification, professional background, scholarships availability and conditions set by AIT’s donor-partners.
    • The Vice President for Academic Affairs may also approve offers of admission for applicants with special qualifications upon the recommendation of School Deans.
  5. Admissions Committee
    The Admissions Committee (AC) meets on a regular basis to deliberate on admission requirements & procedures, academic fees & pricing policies, student selection and the availability of scholarships, fellowships and assistantships. The committee is comprised of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair), School Deans, Head of Student Office, Head of Finance, Director of Language Center, ITServ Coordinator, Student Union President and Admissions & Scholarships Unit Coordinator. The schedule of the AC meeting is in the academic calendar of AIT but special meetings are called to discuss vital admissions and application issues.
  6. Notification and Confirmation of Admission
    For qualified applicants:
    • Notification of the offer of admission is done by email, normally not later than two months before the proposed date of enrollment, provided the application was received at the proper time and provided that e-mail address is given by the applicant. If no e-mail address is provided, notification is sent through post. The FINAL CONFIRMATION OF ADMISSION IS SENT BY POST MAIL ONLY.
    • The offer of admission may be unconditional or it may specify conditions which must be satisfied before the offer can be confirmed. In such cases, it is the candidate's responsibility to provide promptly the evidence required to show that the conditions of the offer have been fulfilled.
    • An offer of admission is valid only if the recipient can begin his/her academic program on the enrollment date stated in the offer. Enrollment after the first day of semester and up to the final day for adding and dropping courses (last working day of the second week of semester) is permitted only in special circumstances. Upon receipt of an offer of admission, candidates from outside Thailand must immediately apply for the necessary clearances and travel authorization.
    • No candidate is permitted to enroll without the confirmation of admission, which consists of a Certificate of Admission and ED Visa Letter (for non-Thai nationals). These documents will only be issued after a candidate has written to accept the offer of admission and has satisfied all conditions attached to the offer. The ED visa letter is required to be presented to the Royal Thai Government (RTG) Embassy or Consulate for approval stamp in passport for travel and study in Thailand. Incoming students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, Pakistan, PR China,  Sri Lanka, Vietnam and some African countries have visa restrictions and in place of the ED visa letter, AIT requests the RTG Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval which takes about 3 weeks; authorization is directly conveyed from the RTG Foreign Ministry to the RTG Embassy or Consulate via diplomatic channel.
  7. Medical Certificate
    A successful applicant must submit a duly completed Certificate of Physical and Mental Fitness from a qualified physician written in English. The medical certificate must include a chest x-ray examination. Any medical handicap as well as all previous serious illnesses or operations must be indicated in the Medical Certificate. It is particularly important that the Institute is informed if such handicap could affect the study at AIT. Those who have made false statements or who have concealed medical information of any kind are liable for payment of related medical expenses.
  8. False Statements
    Anyone who, knowingly or otherwise, makes false statements or presents false evidence of any kind at the time of application, at registration, or at any other time after enrollment are dismissed from the Institute.
  9. Arrival on Campus
    • Candidates who have been issued a Certificate of Admissions receive letters of welcome and details of the orientation seminar and registration schedule.
    • All new candidates are required to arrive at AIT on the Orientation Day. Exceptionally, late arrival may be permitted by the School Dean if a candidate provides a good reason in writing but arrival must be on or before the last day of adding/dropping; that is by the last working day of the second week of the semester.
  10. Re-application
    • Applicants seeking re-application must inform the Admissions and Scholarships Unit of their continuing interest, by e-mail or by returning the Confirmation on Reapplication Form. Those who wish to reapply within two years after the first application was received do not need to submit a new set of Application Forms. After two years a new set of Application Forms & supporting documents are required.
    • For each re-application an applicant is required to pay the application processing fee of US$ 20 or Baht 800.
    • Students who have previously been dismissed from the Institute shall normally not be admitted to a degree program at the same level.