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E-Thesis (web)

    Searchable and browsable repository of theses and dissertations from Caltech.

    A developing free scientific literature digital library which includes citations and articles on scientific topics (the main         focus at present is computing).

    Eprint repository of french theses in various scientific domains [bilingual site in french/english].

    Provides free access to publications, theses and dissertations, electronic e-print journals [site in english/german].

    Digital archive providing full-text access to papers, theses and dissertations in PDF format [site in german].

    Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

    Searchable collection of selected MIT master's and doctoral theses available online. The documents can be ordered in     the paper and electronic formats.

     Searchable database with records of all Canadian theses since 1965, and some online theses from 1998.

    Searchable and browsable digital archive of theses and dissertations from Viaginia Polytechnic Institute and State         University.