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Interactive session marks panel discussion on AIT's teaching profile

An interactive session on learning approaches marked the panel discussion “Does AIT have a distinctive teaching profile” organized by the Centre for Learning Innovation and Quality (CLIQ). The session saw panelists and the audience expressing their views on various approaches to learning while stressing the distinctive nature of teaching profile at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Dr. Evangelos Angelos Afendras, Director CLIQ, initiated the discussion by exhorting participants to engage in a spirit of exploration and search for knowledge while discussing both teaching and learning. Introducing the panelists, Dr. Evangelos stated that the panelists included, visiting faculty regular faculty, students as well as experts.

Prof. Gabor Louis Hornyak of the Center for Excellence in Nanotechnology remarked that multidisciplinary approaches are inbuilt in the subject of nanotechnology. Not only does the subject encompass a variety of disciplines, but even the students belong to diverse academic and national backgrounds. He illustrated examples on how the opinion of students surprises him since even their approaches to the discipline vary from each other.

Alex, a student at the School of Management, elaborated on his experience at AIT while suggesting that more real life situations need to be incorporated into the curriculum. He discussed patterns of evaluation by different faculty members and offered his suggestions on AITs attendance policy, design of evaluation methods as well as a review of course content.

Jean-Philippe Thouard narrated his experience with technology, and emphasized the need for a blended learning mode, stating that a study program should not be designed on the basis of one technology. He stressed the need to include Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for AIT’s geographically dispersed centers.

Dr. Nicholas J Dimmitt, Coordinator of Executive MBA program, stated that the teaching-learning process is a two way street and that “the secret is that teachers learn more than the students”. Comments from the audience were plentiful and varied. Recognizing that the way people learn is ever changing, the need for AIT to keep pace struck a chord with some. Finding a balance for increasing learning spaces against the backdrop of durable education context is a challenge for teachers at AIT, many said.

The panel discussion was the first in a series of events organized by CLIQ to explore and support learning and teaching in the community.

Prof. Gabor Louis Hornyak, Alex, Dr. Evangelos Angelos Afendras, Jean-Philippe Thouard and Dr. Nicholas J Dimmitt at the panel discussion on  “Does AIT have a distinctive teaching profile”.