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Orientation Day Event
event.Cafe.jpg Image
Public lecture on "Science and Innovation for Economic Development" Event
event.Cafe.jpg Image
AIT Open House Event
AIT.openHouse.jpg Image
"International Expert Workshop on Water Energy Food Nexus: Opportunities and Challenges in Mekong Region” Event
eventSEAEUNET.Jan2015.pdf File
eventSEAEUNET.Jan2015a.jpg Image
eventSEAEUNET.Jan2015b.jpg Image
eventSEAEUNET.Jan2015c.jpg Image
eventSEAEUNET.Jan2015a.jpg Image
eventSEAEUNET.Jan2015b.jpg Image
eventSEAEUNET.Jan2015c.jpg Image
Talk on "Financial Inclusion” Event
event.Bangla.pdf File
THA 2015 International Conference on “Climate Change and Water & Environment Management in Monsoon Asia Event
Tha2015.jpg Image
4.Programme 2015.01.21 (1).pdf File
PMBF.pdf File
Completion Ceremony of “Professional Masters in Banking and Finance” Event
PMBF.jpg Image
PMBF.jpg Image
AIT Career Fair and Research Exhibition Event
Kick-Off Meeting and Methodology Workshop “Turning Rice Straw into Cooking Fuel for Air Quality and Climate Co-benefit in Selected GMS Countries” Event
cookingfuel.jpg Image
cookingfuel.pdf File
Talk on “Development and Innovation Challenges in Asia: Role of Knowledge Institutions” Event
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culturalshow1.jpg Image
AIT Cultural Show Event
culturalshow.pdf File
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culturalshow3.jpg Image
Special Lecture on "Sanitation Challenges and Opportunities in Asia” Event
Webinar on "Cities and Climate Change: An Introduction" Event
webinarAITCTCN.pdf File
“Regional Forum on Climate Change (RFCC) - Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Societies: Bridging Science, Practice, and Policy” Event
RFCC.pdf File
rfcc1.jpg Image
AITeventLibraryFeb15.pdf File
Workshop on ScienceDirect and Scopus News Item
AITeventLibraryFeb15.jpg Image
Workshop on ScienceDirect and Scopus Event
AITeventLibraryFeb15.pdf File
Planning Workshop for Developing a Framework for Cooperation between IGAC Activities in Asia Event
Lecture on Managing Natural Disasters in a Changing Climate: Methods and Tools for a Systems Approach" Event
so.jpeg Image
so.jpeg Image
so.jpeg Image
so.jpeg Image
AIT Selfie and AIT Student Life Photography Contest Event
SelfiePhotoContest.jpg Image
self.jpg Image
International workshop on Urban Development Event
EEmspecial.jpg Image
EEmspecial.pdf File
Special Lecture on "Energy for Tomorrow's World" Event
AIT Food Fair Event
123rd Graduation Event
Mapping for Nepal disaster Event
AIT4Nepal Charity Football Tournament Event
Seminar on "The Ecology of Arsenic Tolerance in Holcus lanatus L." Event
Bayezid.doc File
Seminar on Managing Tropical Forests for Timber Production and Carbon Retention' Event
Nophea.doc File
AIT-TEAM Technical Exchange Seminar Event
AIT.team.jpg Image
AIT.Team File
AIT.team.jpg Image
AIT.team.jpg Image
Webinar on “Technologies and Tools for Disaster Risk Management Related to Climate Change” Event
AIT.CTCN.Webinar.May2015 Image
AIT.CTCN.webinar.may15 File
blood.Eng.docx File
blood.thai.docx File
AIT Blood Donation Camp Event
Learning by Drawing Event
babinee.jpg Image
blood_donation_banner02.jpg Image
blood_donation_banner02.jpg Image
Lessons learnt from the Nepal earthquake Event
dpmmm.jpg Image
AITopenhouse_nov2015.gif Image
AIT Open House: 20 November 2015 Event
OpenHouse2.jpg Image
RFC.glance.jpg Image
RFCC.detailedProgramme.pdf File
RFCC.ataglance.pdf File
Nepal Earthquake 2015: Information Debris – Making Sense of it All Event
BasantaShrestha.pdf File
Orientation.pdf File
Orientation Day Event
Inter-Semester Information Graduation Ceremony Event
Orientation4Aug2015 File
orient4aug.jpg Image
“Disaster Recovery Mapping Project at Elementary and Junior High Schools" Event
Sakurai.pdf File
Training program on Feasibility Studies for Irrigation Projects Event