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Entries received under the AIT Tagline Contest 2016.

  1. World without borders
  2. World of Champions
  3. AIT : Differences become smart one
  4. Building the best future
  5. AIT: "Leading in transforming human resources in a changing world"
  6. the transboundary synergy of talents (in Asia)
  7. AIT: Difference shares the Common
  8. Advancing Knowledge. Transforming Lives ves
  9. Resolving bottlenecks in Sustainability
  10. a miracle in education
  11. Authentic place for Innovative Traversing: AIT
  12. AIT: Creating a world class future
  13. A Global Village
  14. From imagination to manifestation
  15. AIT:good society create good people
  16. Aware, Informed, Technophilic - AIT
  17. Educating Todays Scholar For Tomorrow's Future
  18. AIT:We Grow And Build Together
  19. Love Technology- Love AIT
  20. AIT : Congregating the future leaders
  21. Aspiration, Inspiration, Transformation (AIT)
  22. AIT: evolving leadership, harmony and inspiration
  23. Extend your world
  24. AIT:United all the different religion religions,languages and skin colour
  25. AIT: A Place for Convergence of Human Quintessence
  26. AIT: The achievements are unlimitted
  27. AIT: Empower Asia, Transform Socities.
  28. Our Diversty will Challenge the Conventional.
  29. Advancing Knowledge, Inspiring Innovation,Transforming Lives. (A.I.T)
  30. Breakthrough Asia, welcome the world.
  31. AIT: Aim at Innovation Together
  32. AIT's Evergreen Spirit to the Global Glory
  33. Your threshold for boundless opportunities
  34. Everlasting Growth
  35. Where the brightest minds from divergent cultures meet to serve the planet's future needs
  36. Unity through Diversity
  37. Asia's Future Leaders
  38. AIT: Beyond Your Imagination, Under Your Limit
  39. AIT: A confluence molding the global future.
  40. Leading us to excellence
  41. A Is Target
  42. Hello Mr. Technology
  44. AIT makes your dreams become reality
  45. Bridging Innovative Technology to Society
  46. AIT: Education door for the bright future.
  47. One Unite
  48. Born to lead the globe
  49. Academy of Eminence
  50. where diversity becomes power
  51. Realising dreams of success
  52. Alway of Intelligent for Learn
  53. In AIT we Assure you of Innovation Training that transform into a creative thinker.
  54. Pioneering Asian Century
  55. Top Up Your Dreams!
  56. AIT for Sustainable Development Education
  57. Diverse but United!
  58. We Diversify You
  59. AIT: Creating Global Citizens
  60. Building the future
  61. Birth of future
  62. AIT: A stronghold of Educational Learning in the Asia Pacific
  63. Empowering Education and Research
  64. AIT: Building Human Capital Globally
  65. AIT: Truly Global
  66. Learning in Diversity.
  67. AIT: The Home of the Visionaries
  68. Revitalizing Education
  69. AIT: The World of Education
  70. AIT : sign of arcane Prosperity,Diversity of culture, success of wisdom with amicable
  71. Strive for Excellency towards United Asia
  72. Multiple, we learn; together, we win.
  74. Paving road for future
  75. Leaders in Making.
  76. AIT: Hope for Asia
  77. Center for learning education, humanity, and diversity
  78. Living Diversity
  79. AIT: Alternating Intelligence and Technology
  80. AIT: Where we learn together
  81. excellent knowledge center for all
  82. AIT: Unlimited
  83. Leading the transformation
  84. Future ahead
  85. your destiny starts here or real life starts here
  86. where we reach our destiny
  87. Access Knowledge ,Access the World
  88. AIT: Create & Innovate New Technology
  89. Where learning is fun
  91. The realm in the unknown spectrum of reality
  92. Bloom and decorate the future
  93. Linking Cultures in Building the Future
  94. Achieve.Innovate.Together
  95. AIT community, you new family.
  96. Secrets Decipherer. Complex Simplifier. World Challenge Solver.
  97. Secrets Decipherer. Complex Simplifier. World Challenge Solver.
  98. Let's Fly Together Over The World!
  99. Global Education for Wisdom
  100. A place where differences change to knowledge
  101. AIT: A place to Aspire, A fortune to Ignite
  102. AIT is best for Education
  103. Igniting A Passion For Learning
  104. Impossible is Nothing.
  105. learn the language of life
  106. AIT: Premiere PG Institute In the Heart of Asia
  107. Aspire Innovate Transform
  108. AIT: Ever Higher Ever Onward.
  109. AIT: Be one heart Smart knowledge Borderless friendship
  110. "Advancement in Teaching"=AIT
  111. Let's have Fun
  112. Make Up Your Future
  113. United Forever by Knowledge (Latin: Una Doctrina In Perpetuum)
  114. Creating minds that shapes the future.
  115. Tens countries for one family
  116. AIT : Achieve Innovate Transform
  117. Where dreams become reality
  118. AIT to brand my potentialities through academic advancement and personality development.
  119. fAITh in you.
  120. Time Flies by.....
  121. AIT: Where Academia meets Technology
  122. Home of Leaders
  123. Transforming followers to leaders
  124. Where Innovation Begins
  125. AIT: A knot of Diversity
  126. Exponential growth of your potential
  127. Unity through diversity
  128. Technology For All
  129. Redefine Yourself !!
  130. AIT: Way of moving forward
  131. Touching souls
  133. AIT: Asia's pride
  134. Today AIT , tomorrow global
  135. Beginning technology with AIT
  137. Learn the world. Change the world.
  138. Dream.Try. Succeed : In AIT
  139. Grow together with AIT
  140. AIT: Gateway to Global Niche
  141. AIT: Where Innovation comes to Life
  142. AIT is the remarkable mansion which I saw in the vast knowledge to all the students as one family through out the world
  143. AIT: Developing Great Minds for Bigger Global Challenges
  144. AIT is the remarkable mansion which I saw in the vast knowledge to all the students as one family throughout the world
  145. Once you come, you never lose
  146. AIT:Aspire,Initiate,Thrive!
  147. Green Innovation
  148. Perseverance Persistence Perfection
  149. AIT: Asian education research platform
  150. "Many paths, One destination : AIT "
  151. Empowering mankind towards the frontiers of Excellence
  152. AIT: Th replica of the world
  154. Connecting People Reaching Mind
  155. Where Focus Is You (Where Focus Is Your Future)
  156. Leanr and Innovate for Mankind
  157. Regional leader. Global change makers.
  158. Where education meets excellence
  159. Regional Empowerment with Global Perspective
  160. Once you come, you never lose
  161. Door to dream
  162. A Place For Equals, Powered by the Asian Mind.
  163. Green Miracle
  164. Staircase for academic excellence
  165. Achieve. Innovate. Transform to success
  166. Asia's Illuminating Treasure
  167. AIT: Triumph of Wisdom
  168. Adapting Imaginations to Technologies
  169. AIT : Access to your Career
  170. AIT-Promoting Unity in Diversity
  171. A place where all nations meet
  172. AIT: Enligtening the Asia
  173. Learn Here. Live Anywhere
  174. AIT: A place of Cultural diversity, Integrity and Innovation
  175. AIT-Uniting today for globalized tomorrow
  176. Celeberate Technology
  177. Aspire Innovation
  178. A place of learning, sharing and spreading knowledge
  179. Learning beyond imagination
  180. Land of Diversity
  181. AIT : make the bright future become real
  182. Grooming with international standards
  183. AIT: "A premier and globally competitive institute with appropriate competencies"
  184. transforming together towards a sustainable world
  185. Inspiring Innovation and Discovery
  186. Opportunities for excellent learning
  187. your improvement boaster
  188. Crossing boundaries through intelligence and excellence
  189. AIT: Onward quality excellence for mankind
  190. The Colors of a Rainbow
  191. Exemplar of cultural integrity
  192. AIT:ultramodern of technology
  193. Cultural hub of Innovators
  194. Your Door To The Future
  195. Diverse Culture Builds AIT Culture
  196. AIT- Old is Gold
  197. AIT : A Little world with Big minds
  198. International, Diverse, Sustainable
  199. AIT: inspiring technology and brotherhood
  200. Environment, Resources, Diversity
  201. AIT:United all the different religion religions,languages and skin colour
  202. AIT: The Golden Land of Dreams
  203. AIT: Brings the world to you
  204. AIT: Empower Asia, Transform Our World.
  205. Our Diversity in Technology puts minds to work.
  206. Advance, Inspire(Innovation), Truth. (A.I.T)
  207. Achievement through Investing in knowledge and getting talent
  208. Treasure the Globe with AIT Spirits
  209. Education par excellence!
  210. Everlasting Growth for Mankind
  211. A melting pot of cultures, knowledge, ideas, solutions, innovations and great experiences
  212. Transforming Ideas to Realities
  213. Technology.Environment.Management.Development
  214. AIT: Under A Common Umbrella
  215. Innovation meets success
  216. Platform that broadens your horizons
  217. BE THE BEST.
  218. Be a part of AIT, where impossible things, become possible
  219. In Unity We Stand. In Unity We Can
  220. AIT: Learning in green and diverse cultures.
  221. Active. Inspire. Touch. : AIT
  222. A thought maker
  223. Solidarity for Promulgation
  224. Together For Tomorrow
  225. Leading Asia's future
  226. AIT: Asia's Informative of Transformation for a world class individual.
  227. Thought Leaders of Asia
  228. Move Up the Trends!
  229. Unity in Diversity
  230. Exploring Beyond Frontiers
  231. AIT: Learning Beyond Borders
  232. Meeting point for the world
  233. Blend of colours
  234. AIT: An Institution that will make a dreams into reality
  235. Together We Make progress, Together We Built
  236. AIT: Hub for Global Leaders
  237. AIT: Asia's MIT // MIT of Asia
  238. Learn. Lead. Label.
  239. AIT: Building the Blueprint of Tomorrow
  240. Nurturing the experts within
  241. AIT: Redefining The Education
  242. AIT : Dreams makes true
  243. Global Green University : Environment for Humanity
  244. Professional, Multiple, Innovation
  246. Bring dream into realities
  247. Being Innovative.
  248. AIT: Bring Technology
  249. A mirror of global village
  250. Celebrating Diversity
  251. AIT: Global Village of Education
  252. pride of technical and managerial education
  253. Educating for a change
  254. Knowledge redefined
  255. explore yourself, heart of your future
  256. Asia's bright future
  257. Connect , Learn , Grow
  258. Learn. Innovate. Empower : with AIT
  259. Let your dream begin
  260. Unravel the veil in illusion
  261. Let know who you are and what you can.
  262. Unity Amidst Diversity
  263. Thaï by nature. Universal by culture.
  264. Ait ? Just à big family.
  265. AIT: The Asia's Solutions
  266. AIT: The Asia's Solutions
  267. Asian To World!
  268. Think.Learn.Apply
  269. A place where opportunities meet expections
  270. AIT: Admire Inspire Thrive
  271. Calm place
  272. Global Patnership For Education
  273. Seek your Dream.
  274. learn today. lead tomorrow
  275. AIT: Empowering Future Generations For a Better Mankind
  276. Achieving Innovation Through Research
  277. AIT: The Center for Global Minds.
  278. AIT: Be the best innovator
  279. Where dreams become achievements...!!!
  280. Future for You
  281. Roll Your Dream
  282. Through Unity and Knowledge (Latin: Per Unitatem, Et Disciplinam)
  283. Innovative education for a better tomorrow.
  284. Be the next, be AIT
  285. AIT: Transforming Knowledge, Advancing lives
  286. Unity in Diversity
  287. Expect the unexpected
  288. Much more than books...
  289. AIT: Developing Asia through Higher Education
  290. Thrive your imagination
  291. Tomorrow’s Leader
  292. AIT: Always moving forward
  293. A. I. T. ... the skills I need to chase my peak
  294. AIT: Makes your dream a reality
  295. Transform yourself Transform the World
  296. AIT: providing opportunities
  297. Impacting lives
  299. AIT: Where the world is together
  300. Art of Asian Education
  301. AIT: Global village of minds
  302. AIT: We Stand As One
  303. AIT: Where Memories are Created
  304. AIT has shown us how to create an individual with vast knowledge and strong persanality
  305. AIT: Molding Global Leaders from the Heart of Asia
  306. AIT has shown us how to create an individual with a vast knowledge and strong persanality
  307. Technology.Diversity.Innovation
  308. AIT: Shaping Asian Minds.
  309. Extend your global vision
  310. Where commitment and camaraderie go hand in hand
  311. AIT: The platform of multinational intellectual is born
  312. "AIT: For every dream, a way ! "
  313. Empowering humankind
  314. AIT: The gateway to the world
  315. Professionalism Reaching Perfection
  316. Where the World Learns
  317. AITians Give Back to Society
  318. InnovAITing Asia.
  319. We make a better world
  320. Empowering Asia
  321. Make your future sustained
  322. Feel the difference together
  323. Bridging Asia's Future
  324. The miracle of green ..
  325. Academic excellence with moral values
  326. Achieving of Intelluctuals through Teaching
  327. Aspire Inspire Think
  328. Inspiring the new generations
  329. A small step into a Bright Future
  330. AIT : Accomplish Anything
  331. AIT-Shaping Global Leaders
  332. Not just an institute, its new world
  333. AIT: The Asile of Asia
  334. Access. Absorb. Arise
  335. AIT: A knowledge hub ensures integrity and harmony in diversified culture
  336. AIT- Your journey towards exellence
  337. creavtive key to success
  338. celebrate the journey of life
  339. Determined to ensure intrigity,harmony and quality education
  340. Factory of leaders
  341. Innovations beyond the thoughts
  342. AIT : embracing the globe into our campus
  343. AIT: "Produce life-long learners into productive self-reliant citizens and responsible leaders"
  344. connecting talents with their nature
  345. Open Minds, Creating Futures
  346. Where future acheivers meet
  347. excellent education
  348. A great inspire to our future
  349. AIT: Where possibilities of human excellence begins"
  350. The Path to Discovery
  351. Asia's epitome of future leaders
  352. AIT:good opportunity make me different
  353. Striving for excellence in research
  354. Together We Make The Difference
  355. AIT:Variety Yet Unity
  356. The World of Smiles
  357. AIT : United by fate. Lead by excellence. Creating a border-less nation.
  358. AIT: crafting leaders globally
  359. Strengthen your roots
  360. AIT:United all the different religion religions,languages and skin colour
  361. AIT: Where dreams become true
  362. AIT: Makes everything from simple
  363. AIT: Global Perspectives, Asian Insights.
  364. Everyday, we stimulate students to invest in their present.
  365. Achievement comes from Improvement on seeking Truth. (A.I.T)
  366. Learn the Advance, teach the Innovation, spread the Truth. (match with A.I.T)
  367. Join AIT's Pride towards the Gorgeous Globe
  368. Unleash the leader in you!
  369. Thought Is no Limited
  370. A different learning experience that makes a difference.
  371. Craft Yourself, Create Your World
  372. Be AITans to Lead Asia
  373. AIT: Where Idea Meets Innovation
  374. Place of worthy
  375. For thinkers around the world
  377. We teach, We innovate and We excel
  378. Different Identities. One Community. One Vision
  379. AIT: Reach out the world with difference.
  380. Knowledge Beyond Culture
  381. Entrance into the global village
  382. Abbey Illa Terra ( Monastery of earth)
  383. Builds Your Future
  384. Innovators of the universe
  385. AIT: Where diverse culture nurture in a common goal.
  386. Think Global, Act Universal.
  387. Roll Your Dreams!
  388. Seeking Knowledge, Breaking Barriers
  389. AIT: Creating Global Leaders
  390. Connecting leaders
  391. One big family
  392. AIT: Transform all man-kind into a globally productive individual
  393. AIT: We Exchange the Values
  394. AIT: Embark your excellence
  395. AIT: Distinct Quality Reassured // Quality Reassured
  396. Innovation. Inspiration. In Harmony.
  397. AIT: Where Every Idea is a Possibility
  398. Here is Where: Discovering the World's Potential
  399. AIT: A Thought Process
  400. AIT - Sign of excellence education
  401. Let There be Lights
  402. AIT, Multiple leading Institute of Asia
  404. A doorway to future
  405. Determine. Discover. Destine.
  406. AIT: From Asia, For The World
  407. A gateway of new horizon
  408. Shape a better tomorrow together
  409. AIT: Phom Krab Khun
  410. unbeatable educational excellence
  411. Quest for excellence
  412. home of quality education
  413. Think globalize
  414. Connecting the world Through Education
  415. AIT for Us
  416. Enquire,endeavour,excel
  417. To blur the line between reality and illusion
  418. lead the leaders.
  419. One Community, One AIT
  420. Unity makes AIT.
  421. Reach your future.
  422. Simplifier of Diverse, Brilliant and Innovative Ideas
  423. Simplifier of Diverse, Brilliant and Innovative Ideas
  424. AIT for Future Life!
  425. Innovate your Globe
  426. safe place
  427. Forge Your Future
  428. Best way to motivate yourself to work hard.
  429. partake in empowerment
  430. AIT: Your Home , Away from Home
  431. where knowledge transforms to wisdom
  432. AIT: Think great Think green
  433. education for the world .....research for the future....!!
  434. Aim for the Infinity Treasures
  435. Make Your Dream Bigger
  436. United beneath the Trees of Knowledge
  437. Developing talents to transform lives, society and the world.
  438. Future is now, now is AIT
  439. AIT: Perform through innovation
  440. Smart choice for smart knowledge
  441. All In. Together.
  442. Boosting minds, Boosting careers
  443. Creating leaders in a developing world
  444. AIT : Brighter Future
  445. Enlighten Mankind
  446. Imagination to Reality: Here at AIT
  447. A.I.T ... where the modernistic and different Technology, Philosophy, Humanities and Enviromentalism that begin
  448. educated global village
  449. An unforgettable Journey
  450. Where friendship cross borders
  451. Broadening vision since 1959
  453. AIT: Dreams come true with passion & perseverance
  454. Live. Learn. Achieve. Together.
  455. Our students.Our pride.Our future
  456. AIT: Global Melting Pot
  457. AIT: Your Future, Your Life
  458. AIT is the golden nation which I saw with wholeness of making knowledge in every field of students in the world
  459. AIT: Gearing Up Towards Global Excellence
  460. AIT is the golden nation which I saw with wholness of making knowledge in every field of students in the world
  461. Make your future sustained
  462. AIT: The right place for the right mind.
  463. Foundation for a better tomorrow
  464. AIT: Sharing knowledge​. Leading research
  465. "AIT: Your next experience in trust."
  466. Acumen, Innovativeness,Technological excellence
  467. AIT: where the future nobel laureats meet
  468. AIT: where Knowledge Meets Wisdom
  469. Where Dreams Come true
  470. Truly global educator
  471. Knowledge, research, and diversity. We are AIT.
  472. Learn to outgrow yourself
  473. Educate.Innovate.Integrate
  474. Technology, Diversity, Innovation
  475. Grab opportunity ,go smoothly
  476. Pioneer: The AIT Way.
  477. Live and Learn
  478. Learn, grow and see the world with better perception
  479. Acquire Incrideble Talent
  480. Architecture of Innovative Talent
  481. AIT: Ignites the power in YOU
  482. AIT : Unlock your Success
  483. First step to Success
  484. AIT-Education for Global Sustainability
  485. Innovation, Integration and Technology
  486. AIT: Illuminating Asia
  487. Where Innovation Matters
  488. AIT: Determined to ensure innovation, integrity and academic excellence
  489. AIT-Exploring knowledge beyond boundaries
  490. A milestone for Innovation
  491. no boundries