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Ait Experts

Topic Faculty Expert
Ground improvement Prof. Bergado
Slope protection Prof. Bergado, Dr. Noppadol
Dam Dr. Noppadol
Landslide Dr. Noppadol
Tunneling Dr. Noppadol, Dr. Park
Petroleum exploration and Engineering Geophysics Dr. Giao
Groundwater Modeling and Land Subsidence Analysis Dr. Giao
Offshore structure Dr. Joko
Construction safety Dr. Hadikusumo
Construction legal Prof. Ogunlana
Construction planning and control Dr. Chotchai
Public private partnership/BOT Prof. Ogunlana
Construction IT Dr. Chotchai, Dr. Hadikusumo
Construction productivity Prof. Ogunlana, Dr. Chotchai
Earthquake Dr. Pennung, Dr. Park
Tsunami Dr. Pennung
Wind effects on building & structure Dr. Pennung
Bridge engineering Dr. Pennung
Disaster mitigation and management Dr. Pennung
Vetiver grass in construction Dr. Pichai N.
Rice Husk Ash Dr. Pichai N.
Concrete technology Dr. Pichai N.
Ferrocement Dr. Pichai N.
Structural health monitoring Prof. Worsak
Finite Element Prof. Worsak
Pavement Dr. Kunnawee
Transportation safety Dr. Pichai T.
Irrigation Dr. Clemente
Water conservation Dr. Babel, Dr. Clemente
Climate change Dr. Babel
Flood Prof. Tawatchai
Water quantity and quality Dr. Clemente
Robotics and automation Dr. Manukid, Dr. Nitin, Dr. Dailey
Hard disk drive technology Dr. Nitin, Dr. Dutta
Imaging and MEMS technology Dr. Nitin
Nanotechnology Dr. Dutta
Microelectronics processing Dr. Dutta
Material science Dr. Dutta
Internet Prof. Kanchana
Artificial Intelligent (AI) Prof. Dung, Prof. Haddawy, Dr. Dailey
Knowledge management Dr. Janecek
Software engineering Prof. Dung
XML Prof. Vilas
Decision making Prof. Haddawy
Medical informatics Prof. Haddawy
Computer vision Dr. Dailey
Computer graphics Dr. Guha
E-Commerce Dr. Vatcharaporn
Human computer interaction Dr. Janecek
Packaging technology Ir. Bohez
Automotive manufacturing Dr. Pisut
Supply chain and logistic Dr. Voratas
Enterprise resource planning systems Dr. Voratas
Optimization Dr. Voratas
Simulation Dr. Voratas
High performance computing Dr. Voratas
Evolutionary computing Dr. Voratas
Inventory policies Dr. Luong
Remote sensing and GIS Prof. Kibe, Dr. Chen, Dr. Honda, Dr. Tripathi
Mobile and wireless communication Prof. Kazi Ahmed, Dr. Rajatheva
Satellite communication Prof. Kazi Ahmed
Digital communications, signal processing and coding Dr. Rajatheva
Optical communications Dr. Poompat
Network optimization Dr. Poompat
Digital signal processing, speech and image processing Dr. Teerapat
Ad Hoc Networks Assoc Prof. Tapio Erke
Teletraffic Engineering Assoc Prof. Tapio Erke
Network Planning Assoc Prof. Tapio Erke
Communication networks Dr. Teerapat
Protocol in high-speed networks Dr. Teerapat